Record Stereo Audio Channel Through Zoom API/SDK

Hi there,

I currently have an issue where no matter how you record a Zoom Meeting/Webinar (so locally or through the cloud) the recorded file is always resampled to be 32khz and Mono (or maybe dual Mono). This is frustrating as some people who are presenting in these meetings/webinars are doing demonstrations with binural sound which while can be heard in the live meeting can’t be heard when watching the recording afterwards. Currently the only way I can do this would be to use separate audio recording software like Audacity to record the actual meeting but I can’t attend all of the meetings.

So is it possible through the API/SDK to get an audio stream that would be stereo and would be in whatever bitrate that is being broadcast?

If not, then could someone please confirm and let me know if this would be possible to implement?

Thanks for your help,


Is anyone able to respond to my questions above?