Recording complete event webhook||

I have configured url on the Recording complete event webhook . but as i have push the code on production and i want to change the url to where the code remains same…only the domain is changing.

But i am facing the issue regaring this …as soon as i change the domain…i am not abkle to validate the code…where as my secret code remains same.

Hi @abhishek_herovired
Thanks for reaching out to us.
Have you been able to troubleshoot this on your end?
Also, if your app is published in the marketplace you will need to submit your app for an update review so the changes are applied in your production environment

Hi Elisa,
My app is published for url but when i try to change to url to production url i.e (
It is not getting validated and because of which i am not able to publish it with the production url
My published app name is “Complete Recoding”.

Hi @abhishek_herovired
I can not find your published app “Complete Recoding” in the Zoom Marketplace.

I will send you a private message to look into this