Updating endpoints post app review


We have recently been testing a Zoom plugin for our application in the dev environment and are looking to publish the plugin on Zoom Marketplace. To that effect, if you could help with the following doubt, it would be much appreciated.

Since we have been testing the integration on our staging environment - the webhook endpoint, deauthorization endpoint, and landing page install url all point to the staging servers. And we don’t want to merge the changes of the staging environment with the production environment until the plugin has been approved on the Zoom Marketplace.

So the question is - can we change the webhook endpoint, deauthorization endpoint, and the landing page install url to our production environment once the app has been published on the Zoom Marketplace? If yes, would it require us to undergo the review process again?

Any ideas would be most helpful.


Hey @moogway,

When you submit your app for approval, the app reviewers will use the production version of your app to test it, so your webhook, deauth endpoint, and landing page install url must be set to your production environment.

Does that answer your question?


Thanks so much @tommy Yes, that does answer my question.

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You are welcome! :slight_smile: