Recording completed event gives wrong caption (CC) download URL

I am trying to download MP4 and CC files that are given in the “All Recordings Completed” event.

The MP4 download URL looks like this:[REDACTED]Fi/98[REDACTED]hg

The CC download URL looks like this:[REDACTED]Fi&type=cc/98[REDACTED]hg

Notice, the CC download URL has the extra “/98[REDACTED]hg” at the end of the URL when it shouldn’t be there. This makes the query parameter “type=cc/98[REDACTED]hg” when it should just be “type=cc.”

This CC URL returns a 200 HTTP response code, but gives no data. Removing “/98[REDACTED]hg” from the URL returns the correct CC file.

Also, after cleaning up the URL, I can download it in a browser while logged in, but when I try to use that URL with the authorization header, it still returns a 200 HTTP response code with no data.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
OAuth Event Subscription

Hey @e399,

Thanks for your bug report. We will investigate this and get back to you. :slight_smile: (ZOOM-164861)


Hey @e399,

In order for us to investigate further, we need the full recording url. Can you please email it and a link to this thread to ?