Recording - Order of Users feature

Using the MacOs SDK, how do we define the order of users at the recorded video file in the Video Wall mode? We want to customize, for example who is the left and right position. Is there any API we can use to achieve that?

Which version?
v5.0.24433.0616 · zoom/zoom-sdk-macos@97f8806

Additional context
Looking for additional documentation and different ways of manipulating local recordings. I have search in the SDK documentation, no luck.

Can we get a Zoom developer to look into this issue? We have a lot of people from the Film & TV industry looking to leverage Zoom technologies to virtual Casting, however we need to be able to use the SDK in its full potencial

@tommy can you help us with this?

Hi @john.vidal,

Thanks for the post and pardon the late response. Unfortunately, it is not supported to customize the order of users in the recording file since the Zoom client does not have this feature yet. Please provide feedback to, once the Zoom client introduces this feature, then it could be added to the SDK.