`recording.*` events not being sent

It looks like for the passed hour we have not seen any events for any of recording.started, recording.paused, recording.resumed, recording.stopped, and recording.complete events.

Not sure if this is localized to our app, but is definitely affecting us!

Which Endpoint/s?
Recording webhooks

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Setup an oauth account, request necessary scopes, and enable webhooks.

Additional context
This is not the first time this has happened, is this a regression?

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Here is the last time this occurred for reference Webhook events stopped suddenly.

Hi we are having this issue as well. Could we get an update?

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Hey @edward and @matt,

We are looking into this.

Is the issue still happening?


Looks like it resolved sometime this morning, can we get an explanation as to why this occurred and why this was not communicated.


Tommy, I’m seconding Matt’s request. There was not a proper post mortem the last time this happened (link) and now we’ve had a repeat at the same point of failure with still no more visibility into why this happened and what is being done to prevent future failures.

Please advise. Thanks.

Hey @matt, and @mike,

We had a small outage on the Oct 4th that caused this. We are working on a more effective way to communicate outages to developers.


Apologies for the service disruption.


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Thanks @tommy .

That status page is only as useful as its accuracy to the actual outages and neither of these incidences were reflected there. What’s your process for updating that page and can we expect this incident to be reflected in the log? The issue we run into is when there are issues that are not reflected in that page when we check it and then it requires a post here while we wait and manage expectations with our users.

Appreciate you help,

Hey @mike,

We are working hard on developing a developer / API specific status page. We understand how important this is. Our goal is to have it completed by the end of next quarter (Q4).


Great, thank you Tommy!

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Thanks again for your feedback, we will post here when it is finished.