Recording/get not working although record exists

I was trying to get the record file at meeting number 984424807 ( the lesson created with API partner mode )

However, the returned message was 

“message”: “There is no recording for this meeting”.

But, the file exists in the cloud. 

And when I try to get the record with recording/list with host_id, and meeting_number, then an expected data is fetched. 

But here, I want to get the record file without host_id, since sometimes the host_id of the session can be changed. 


Or if that is not possible, then I need to get the meeting without host_id, since as I mentioned earlier, the host_id might have been changed and now I have to know the host_id of the meeting in order to find record files.

Let us know how this works!





Hi Sungpah,

You have to pass UUID for this api.


Thanks! It works. (: