Recording of Meetings

We are trying to retrieve recording for a recurring or even a regular meeting that has been initiated twice on the same day. That is 2 meetings have occurred on the same day. Both those meeting instances have recordings. So we have 2 different recordings.
Our solution was to use the initial meeting ID and get all past instances of the meeting.

We used to firstly get all past meetings for a specified meeting id. As a fallback - incase we were unable to retrieve/list past meeting instances we use the meeting id itself to retrieve the recording.

What we see happening is that - the past meetings list is irregular.
The past_meetings/{meetingId}/instances request is not returning all instances of past meetings or if the meeting has ended today and we attempt to query it - it is not retrieving todays meetings at all.

In the scenario that multiple meetings have been triggered and used to record multiple meetings at the same day, and meeting has ended - we are then unable to retrieve all recordings for a meeting.

What we are trying to achieve is - provided a meeting id - we would like to retrieve all recordings for that particular meeting id. The meeting id will have multiple instances. Can you please let me know what a workaround for this solution would be ?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

Hi @codemanas17,

Thanks for reaching out about this. When you say that the past meeting instances returned are irregular, I’m wondering if you’re seeing less results than expected due to single participant meetings—is that possible?

I should note that this approach is the suggested approach—but the past instances endpoint won’t return meetings that had just 1 participant (the host). To retrieve the UUID for these meetings, you’ll need to call our /metrics/meetings/meetingId endpoint and include a query parameter for type=past

Let me know if this helps,

Hi @will.zoom

We did indeed have a single meeting participant. Will test out with multiple users at the same time.
As for the
The prerequisites don’t work for me ( Business plan or higher ). I am looking for something for either the free plan or pro plan.

I will test out the multiple participants theory and get back to you.

Hi @will.zoom ,
After testing out with multiple participants we’ve found that past meetings endpoint indeed does return the meetings if there is more than one participant. Thank you for your help.

Glad you were able to get it working! Let us know if you run into additional questions about this.


Hi ,

I have one more follow up question. After what amount of time will the meetings show up as 'ended meeting instance ? What is the expected latency for a meetings past instances ?

Hi @codemanas17,

Meetings should be reflected as having ended shortly after they’ve been ended in the Zoom Client. There may be a slight delay in seeing this reflected in the API response, but this should be available within a minute or so at most.

Let me know if there are questions about this—thanks,

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