Cannot retrieve multiple recordings for the same meeting instance with the REST API

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
GET /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings

We use the REST API call GET /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings to retrieve cloud recordings for meetings in our account.

We have observed recently, that when a meeting instance has 2 cloud recordings the above API call only returns the last (chronologically) recording. The recording is properly returned in the response as a set of files (video, audio only, etc.) but there is no trace of the other (earlier chronologically) recording set which we can see in our Zoom account when we browse through Account Management → Recording Management and search for the relevant meeting ID.

This requires us to manually facilitate our customers who create 2 or more cloud recordings for the same meeting, providing to them the recordings from our Zoom account page.
I can provide example meeting IDs if needed.

Hi, please use the meeting instance id (meeting_uuid) to get exact meeting instance recordings. When you are using meeting id by default Zoom API is returning the last instance/occurrence recordings.

For more please watch → here.

Spot on. I had no idea that the specific meeting had more than one instance.
Thanks very much!

For all past meeting instances build GET request → /past_meetings/{meetingId}/instances. Here you can watch how to request that endpoint → here.

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