Recording should start once user turn on Audio

API Endpoint of Zoom Meeting

            "type": 3,
            "settings": {
              "auto_recording": "cloud",
              "join_before_host": true,
              "audio": true,
              "approval_type": 2,
              "waiting_room": false

I am creating a meeting with the above work flow. It does work as I want but I have couple of questions:

  1. Is there any option in Zoom that recording should start once user turn on their mic, till then it should not start?
  2. For now only 1 meeting is created and users can join them at once. But for the next meetings, users need to wait for the first meeting to end and it says “Host is in another meeting”. How to bypass this one? multiple meetings that users can join parallel with other meetings.

You can enable recording when the meeting starts. However, currently, the option to start recording once a user turns on their microphone is not supported.

Please see this helpful Developer Forum post on this topic: