Recordings API: Cannot register/update registrant as denied

Issue Description:
I am trying to block a user from viewing my past recordings.

I am trying to issue two requests (although according to API docs, the first one should be enough)

First request:

This endpoint takes a status argument, but even if I call the status argument with value “denied” the registrant is created with the “Approved” status.

In order to solve this, I’m trying to call the

endpoint with action argument value “deny”. However this is also not working and the registrant still shows as Approved.

Another variation I tried was to create the registrant with status “pending” then trying to deny them with the second request. Even in this case the registrant is not being created as “Pending”. They are being created as “Approved” and the status update endpoint has no effect when called with action “deny”.

Can you please advise how these API endpoints can function correctly?

API Endpoints:

  • POST /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings/registrants
  • PUT /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings/registrants/status

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Find a recording with no previous registrants
  2. Send a request to POST /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings/registrants with “status”: “denied”
  3. Observe that registrant is created as Approved (BUG)
  4. In order to remedy the issue send a request to PUT /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings/registrants/status with “action”: “deny” using the registrant id from the response obtained in step 2.
  5. Observe that registrant is not moved to Denied, they are still approved (BUG)

@ccakir ,

Thanks for letting us know.

Just to make sure, your request payload looks something like this? :

“action”: “deny”,
“registrants”: [
“id”: “id”