Recordings' Download URL responds error 1001: Forbidden

i have coded an automatization to download recordings
in some cases the download goes well
but in some other cases i got this error message:

Every day we record at least 6 meetings at the same time.
Downloading the MP4 file went right for 3 of recordings that were ready that day

When trying to download some of the recordings we got error response:

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

example of download URL + access token
`{REDACTED}access_token= {REDACTED }


Thank you for creating this new topic, @fcedillo! To start, can you share if there are any noticeable differences in how the calls are being made between the successful and unsuccessful requests? Have you tried to manually download a failed recording with your script? If so, can you share the results of that finding?

I am looking forward to hearing back from you.


Thank you @donte.zoom

  1. there is no noticeable difference between successful and unsuccessful requests

  2. manually downloading a recording (that failed with my script) was successful


Thank you for the reply! My apologies, I meant can you try to download that recording programmatically? If the problem does not persist, then the root cause may be the script’s logic being run. An example snippet of the script being used would help diagnose what may be happening.


this is a example snippet of the script

i run it in this way

from script import download_recording

download_url = '[REDACTED]'
download_token = '[REDACTED]'
filename = '[REDACTED] 2022-03-05.mp4'

download_recording(download_url, download_token, filename)

Response is an Error message

2022-03-07 23:36:46,742    INFO 420067    43 error: {"status":false,"errorCode":401,"errorMessage":"Forbidden"}

hi @donte.zoom

i included a example snippet of the script

hi! please help us with this issue

Hi, @fcedillo,
For your concern, please see this helpful developer forum post and the python script below for reference:

import requests
import os

zoom_access_token =  {recording completed access token}

download_url = {recording completed download url}

new_download_url = download_url +'?access_token=' + zoom_access_token

    response = requests.get(new_download_url, stream=True)
except requests.exceptions.ConnectionError as err:
    response = requests.get(new_download_url, stream=True)
    with open("downloadtest.mp4", 'wb') as fd:
        for chunk in response.iter_content(chunk_size=1024 * 8):
            if chunk:

except Exception as e:

I hope this helps.


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Click your profile picture, then click Settings. Click Register. Click one of these options next to Local Recording: Click Open to open the folder where local recordings are stored.

Thanks for your input @donovanc.sampson!

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