Recordings in Zoom or via Zoom API

Hi Team

We have been constantly using the Zoom to schedule online meetings, fetch recordings, and show recordings to all our users but off late, we have been facing an issue w.r.t. recordings being available in Zoom console or via the webhook. We have not been able to see these recordings in the zoom interface and not even receiving via webhooks. Need your urgent attention on this.

Ashish Mishra

Hi @sunstone.zoom
Thanks for reaching out to us, I am happy to take a look into this
Can you please make sure that the host of these meetings belongs to your account and that the recordings are type cloud?
In the meantime, I will send you a private message to gather more information and look into this issue

Hi Elisa

Yes, that is correct. These hosts belong to our account and have cloud recording enabled.

Hi @sunstone.zoom
I have sent you a private message a couple of days ago and waiting to hear back from you via that private thread


How do i see the private message?

Hi, @sunstone.zoom I have sent you a private message again.
Go to your summary account and you will see a messages section there!