Recurring meeting error in my android application


I am currently creating an android application where the android mobile application will host the video call and then the web client will connect to it using the personal meeting ID of the account on the mobile application, my problem is that sometimes the zoom displays an error which says that the video call is a recurring meeting. How will I be able to fix this since this is not a recurring meeting? I have attached a screenshot of the error encountered.


Hi dreidreidrei,

Following from this topic:, are you still encountering this issue?

If you are still having this issue, can you provide more information like error log or the steps of how to reproduce this issue?

Based on the information that you provided, my assumption for getting this error would be:

  • If you are hosting a meeting via API, it might be caused by incorrect token & ZAK. The token/zak that you have is not the owner of this personal meeting ID(PMI).
  • If you are hosting a meeting as a log-in user, the PMI might not belong to the logged in user.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.