Recurring meeting registration

If I register a participant using /v2/meetings/(meetingID)/registrants for the first occurrance of a recurring meeting that has “Attendees register once and can attend any of the occurrences”, will the attendee appear as a registrant in all of the occurrences, or will I need to explicitly register the participant for each meeting in the series?


Hey @hireauthority,

Great question—To clarify, if you have the settings as you’ve described, and you add a registrant to the first occurrence, they should automatically be added to each of the other occurrences as well.

If you do this via the API, you can verify this with a follow up call to the registrants endpoint (designating the occurrence), or view any of the occurrences in the UI as well (in case you’d like to see it reflected).

But yes—the API will follow the same behavior as the UI would for this setting. :slight_smile:



Thanks Will!

No problem, glad I could help @hireauthority :slight_smile:

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