Recurring webinar with registration

When creating a recurring webinar, selecting “No Fixed Time” in the Recurrence field disables the Registration required field.  This is very limiting when using the API within a Web app to seamlessly open a meeting.  You can’t use the webinar register API call on a Webinar that does not have registration required set.  Please fix.

Hi Steve,

this is not a bug. We don’t allow users to use REST API to register a webinar that doesn’t require registration. 



You are missing the point…

The bug is not allowing the “No Fixed Time” as the Recurrence field and also have the Registration required field selected.  If you select “No Fixed Time”, the Registration required field goes away.  For those of us who use the API within web applications “permanent rooms” are a must.  Those are webinars that can be started at anytime.  The only way to link authentication between a web app and Zoom is to use the register function in the API.  I don’t need to see hundreds of future meetings under the My Webinar tab.

We need a recurring webinar with the “No Fixed Time” selection in the Recurrence field and with the Registration required field turned on.  Currently that is impossible.  If there is another way to have a “permanent room” with a unique meeting ID that works with registration and does not create multiple future meetings at fixed time, I am all ears.  Clickmeeting your competitor supports this…

Hi Steve, 

I checked all three types of webinar, each of them has “Approval” , please see the attached pictures.

Hi Wei, thank you for the response.  I do not have the same screen as you when I edit my webinars.  I have a webinar 500 Pro account.

With No Fixed Time, no way to select Registration required:

With scheduled specific times, the Registration Required option appears:

Hi Steve,

Wei’s screen is different than yours as his screen is the webinar API call screen on “” and your screen is the regular webinar screen on “”, The developer portal is where you should check/test API call handling.

Please check our API developer playground:

You can test different API calls with parameters in the API playground including the webinar calls. Hope this clarifies it.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for clarification, Currently Zoom’s “no fixed time” webinar doesn’t support registration, this is by design. You can post this new feature request to “New Developer Feature/Enhancement Request” forum and we will value the request based on amount of user requests.



No using the Playground does not help at all.  The resulting Webinar always ends up with “No Registration Required”

We need a recurring Webinar with no Fixed time and Registration Required so that we can use the registration API.  We need a “permanent room” with no fixed time for our web application.

Whatever selection you make in the Approval box, with Recurring Webinar selected, the result is a Webinar with “No Registration Required”.

Thank you Wei for your response.

Your design is flawed, unless you can tell me how to accomplish authentication from within a web application.

We have a web application where our users are authenticated.  They press a meeting button at any time and are redirected to a meeting room (Webinar in your case).  With our current implementation using Clickmeeting, we post the email and the room password to seamlessly redirect to the meeting room.  This process prevents link sharing as this is a paid service.

Our members access our rooms directly and we can match the logs from our application and the webinar platform from the unique emails.

I can get this to work by selecting recurring webinars with fixed time.  But this is less than ideal as we end up with hundreds of webinar under the Webinar tab.

My company is in the process of evaluating the switch from Clickmeeting to Zoom and we have had a few meetings with representatives from your marketing and engineering team.  I will bring this issue up and share this thread at our next meeting.