Redirect URI mismatch - is it related to AngularJS routing?

I get the Redirect URI Mismatch error:

When redirecting the user to OAuth for Zoom and return to callback page, on our staging environment it doesn’t work and returns with the URI mismatch error. However, when trying it on my machine, on localhost, it works perfectly - just the staging site is returning that error.
I triple checked all the credentials, everything is correct, nothing is different than the localhost environment settings/endpoint/whitelist pages - totally everything is the same! But still, on staging environment I get the issue.
One of my concerns is that our system has an old infrastructure and its built with AngularJS so the routing has hash (“#”) in the URL and it might make some troubles.
But again, in localhost it has the same hash character in the URL and it works

resulted in a 400 Bad Request response:\n{"reason":"Invalid request : Redirect URI mismatch.","error":"invalid_grant"}\n"}

Hi @or1
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Can you please make sure that the redirect URI from your staging environment is also added in your allow list???

Hi Elisa,
Yes, i made sure that everything is in the allow list. From the base domain to subdomain.

Hi @or1
Thank you for confirming that with me.
Have you tried replicating the issue with our sample app?