Redirect URL Authorization code

I am trying to integrate zoom meeting with Servicenow.

This is the URL I am using to get the access code and I am able to get the authorization in webpage if I hit this URL directly without GET method.

If use the GET method then response code is 200, but the authorization code is not coming in the response body.

Anyone please help me


You need to use the post method to get the authorization code. To know more, about OAuth with zoom, please visit our docs here:

Let me know if that helps.


I have used the POST method as well, still the issue is same.
How can I exactly get the authorization code in JSON format. we are in the process of doing the POC, if it is successful we can go to the next level either to purchase the license with zoom.

so please Kindly suggest how can we get the authorization code in JSON format.

here is the complete link I am using to get the authorization code.

Thank you.

Hi @harishd.srv,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

You do need some sort of user interface to execute the request. Once the URL has been executed in your user interface (for e.g: browser), you should see something like this:

We will be updating this in our OAuth docs shortly.