Regarding calli_id specification if adding participants

I have a one question
If user adds new participant during speaking, call_id will be notified same value with current speaking call_id by webhook??

Hi @kikuchi_hiroyuki ,

It should be the same. Please test to confirm.


You mean, If the A user and B user speaks ( call_id == 1), then A user adds C user, call_id will be notified as 1 correct on the ongoing event??
In this case, caller == A user , callee == C user in the call_id == 1 ??

Hmm actually, @kikuchi_hiroyuki , can you confirm which specific phone events? Caller vs. Callee may be different, but would need to test for conference call…

I’m sorry for my inconvinience
I mean, I saw follows document

It seems like that caller will be A user and callee will be C user when A user starts to add C user during speaking A and B user. Also from your comment, I think that call_id will be same with A user and B user calling
Is this correct??