Zoom Phone calls unique participant identification


Created a WebSocket subscription for Zoom Phone events and want identify the participants in the call. What is unique in a user identification ? The “name” , the “extension_number”, the “phone_number” from the ones that are always included in the phone.x events ?


The true unique identifier is call_id given a caller or callee can have the same name. As far as participants having the same extension_number or phone_number, it could be possible where participants have the same base phone_number if calling from an organization.

Additionally, it’s possible for there to be shared lines:


Thank you for the response.

Just one more question please: what is the subscription event (group?) to be set to get the following WebSocket events: ?

  • phone.callee_missed
  • phone.callee_rejected


Hi @ZPForum , It would fall under “phone” on the the events in your API calling app as long as phone is added to your account and whoever created the app has permission to access that info.