Regarding Recordings of Non-Login User (API user)

I have my own app and I want to embed the ZOOM SDK. I have a couple of questions :

  1. I have one host and the other participants are non- login users. Is it possible to record their video-camera during session in different “channel”, i.e., in different MP4 files in the cloud at the cloud? or they need to be logged-in users?

  2. it is possible to implement “transparent” join i.e., without pressing any button to join, record to logout session?

Hey @erzshalom,

Can you clarify which Zoom SDK you are using?


Hi and thanks for your replay!
I mean Android SDK

Hi @erzshalom,

Thanks for the post and pardon the late response. Regarding your questions:

It is possible to recording the meeting if the prerequisites of cloud recording is met( but it is not supported to record the meeting in different channel.

You could call join meeting interfaces to join a meeting programmatically.

Hope this helps. Thanks!