Zoom iOS Client SDK Authentication Best Practices

If authenticating with a JWT token that has an expiration time, what happens if the token expires? Does Zoom SDK functionality like join meetings cease to work?

What are best practices to handle expiring JWT tokens?

If SDK is initialized with JWT token that expires, is it possible to re-initialize the Zoom SDK multiple times with different jwt tokens each time? Would it be best practice to just initialize the Zoom SDK with a fresh jwt token before joining every meeting? This JWT token would be generated from the backend and sent via endpoint, and the client would hit the endpoint everytime before joining a meeting.

Which Client iOS SDK version?

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I dont believe the SDK will actually kick a participant out of the meeting if the JWT expired after authing the SDK. The SDK should behave as authed until its lifecycle has ended. It is encouraged to create a new JWT before every SDKAuth for security purposes. However, as long as the JWT has not expired it can be used to auth the SDK multiple times.


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