Regenerate authorization URL and Send Updates show fail_to_update_oauth_client error

I am working on updating details for my app which is intended to be unlisted before resubmitting to the review team.

The top of the page states “You have made some configuration changes. Please regenerate the Authorization URL now.”.

When I click the “Regenerate” button next to the authorization URL, the error message “fail_to_update_oauth_client” shows up.

Additionally, if I click “Send Updates” at the bottom of the page, it shows the same error: fail_to_update_oauth_client

Is there an error somewhere in my entry that is preventing this submission from going through? What am I missing? I am able to update the fields on the last page but the data does not save since it will not save/submit on this last page of the app submission process.

Hi @adam0
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Have you been able to make the changes you need in your app? or are you still seeing the “fail_to_update_oauth_client” message?
Please let me know so I can take a closer look into this


Hi Elisa,

I have not been able to update my app. Still seeing the fail_to_update_oauth_client message when I try to regenerate or Send Updates. I just tried these both moments ago.

Let me know if I am overlooking something…


Thanks! @adam0
I have not seen this behavior so I will go ahead and send you a private message so I can follow up from there!