Register web based application in Zoom App Store


We want to register our web based application platform as Zoom App. I would like to know if there is any in-app browser based app or something similar which we can create and register so our enterprise users can access our app from Zoom Client to collaborate.

Idea here is users can choose to register app from their Zoom Client and have it loaded inside their Zoom window like an in-app browser rather than navigating to another browser tab / window.

Just as you know we have Enterprise License of Zoom. Let me know if you need any further clarifications for this proposed integration.

Any directions on this is highly appreciated!


Hi @amitgandhi2512,

What you’re describing sounds like our Zoom Apps capability.

As Zoom Apps are still in a closed beta while we prepare for General Availability, this is not yet available.

We are hoping, however, to have more details on timing for GA very shortly.


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