Zoom meeting embeded app

Hi zoom we want to create a app which will open in zoom meeting
like a wizard

Like this in the above image
In zoom market place you have 5 kind of app

  1. SDK
  2. Oauth
  3. JWT
  4. Webhook
  5. Chatboat
    Which one I will prefer to create app like this
    example :App Marketplace
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Hey @onepgrguest,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

You are looking for Zoom Apps: Zoom Apps | Zoom.


Hi Michael -

Thanks for your response.

When I visit the link: Zoom Apps | Zoom, it takes me to the marketplace.zoom.us section where I only see the following options to create the app:

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 1.16.20 AM.png

I don’t believe I can create a “Zoom App” from these options. Am I missing something?

Can you please let me know how I can create a Zoom App so our web application can become available within the Zoom client under the “Apps” tab?

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Hey @onepgrguest,

Hmm that is strange. Try this link instead: Introducing Zoom Apps: Use the Apps You Love, Right in Zoom - Zoom Blog. Note, this is not quite publicly available for all developers, but you can sign up on the bottom of that page to be notified when the public can begin developing Zoom Apps.


I think you will be able to do that with the help of senior developer

Hey @davidgeller,

Thanks for the suggestion.


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