Registrants added with Host's name

After creating a meeting using the API, any registrant added to the meeting receives a join link which admits them into the meeting under the host’s name and email address. This is the join_url returned from the POST /users/{user_id}/meetings/, not the start_url.

No error given, but unintended and undesired behavior observed.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
POST /meetings/{meeting_id}/registrants

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create new meeting using POST /users/{user_id}/meetings/
  2. Add registrant to meeting created in step 1
  3. Use join_url returned from step 2
  4. See that name in zoom meeting and email match that of host

Hi @markbmorgan ,

What’s the request you’re sending and response? Please obscure sensitive information (email, ids, full url)

Thank you,

We are doing the post request mentioned in the original post with a request body that allows all fields to be defaulted aside from the user_id, start_time and approval_type; the last of which we have set to 0. The response is as follows:

  "topic":"Zoom Meeting",
    "global_dial_in_numbers":[{"country_name":"US","city":"Tacoma","number":"+1 2532158782","type":"toll","country":"US"},{"country_name":"US","city":"Houston","number":"+1 3462487799","type":"toll","country":"US"},{"country_name":"US","city":"Denver","number":"+1 7207072699","type":"toll","country":"US"},{"country_name":"US","city":"Washington DC","number":"+1 3017158592","type":"toll","country":"US"},{"country_name":"US","city":"Chicago","number":"+1 3126266799","type":"toll","country":"US"},{"country_name":"US","city":"New York","number":"+1 6465588656","type":"toll","country":"US"}],

For the registration request, we are doing a POST to /meetings/{meeting_id}/registrants with a body including the first and last names of the registrant, as well as their email address. From this we receive:

  "topic"=>"Zoom Meeting",

Any ideas on this yet?


@markbmorgan , we need to see the exact request body to determine if further debugging is needed. Thanks!

{“start_time”:“2022-02-24T22:48:23Z”,“settings”:{“approval_type”:0,“join_before_host”:true}} is the json format of our request body.

@gianni.zoom , did that cover what you needed to see?

@gianni.zoom - any insights? This is stopping us dead in our tracks headed for go-live.

Just sent you a private message @markbmorgan! Thanks for your patience!

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