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When we register a user for meeting, we pass his email, first name and last name to endpoint and in case of success we get a unique join_url for this registrant. No problems here. However, when registrant opens this url, Zoom application launches and for some reason it doesn’t pick up passed info (email and name) from URL (I mean the token in URL). By picking up the info I mean automatic authentication and name setup in Zoom app. This perfectly works with start_url of the meeting - Zoom app automatically authenticate the host of the meeting and sets their name in the App. I expected the same behavior for join_url for meeting registrant. Well, at least their name should be set in the app and it should not ask registrant to enter their name on app launch (in case of a fresh Zoom app installation). Otherwise it is not clear why registration for a meeting is needed and what is its purpose. Is this a bug or expected behavior?


Hi Alexksandr,

I just tested this and got the expected behavior. Are you logged into the zoom client when you click the join url with token? need to be logged out, as not to use your user.

Hi Joshua, thanks for your answer.

I’ve created a simple python script to simplify testing. It outputs meeting start url for host and join url for registrant. You will need python 3 and requests lib to run it, and also set your api key and credentials in the script.

Here is also a demonstration of the behavior I described. As you can see I’m not logged in on and in the app and launch the app from incognito window in chrome. I also tested in on Mac and Linux and different browsers, so it is not OS or browser specific.

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Not sure I follow, in your video you visit the join url (with token) and the meeting starts, no auth required. What is the behavior you’re expecting?


I expect the same behavior as Webinars have.

  1. User registered for webinar with email, first_name, last_name
  2. Zoom API returns join url for this registrant
  3. When this join url opened by registrant, Zoom app automatically sets their name in the app to that used on registration for webinar.

With Zoom Meetings the behavior is different:

  1. User registered for meeting with email, first_name, last_name
  2. Zoom API returns join url for this registrant
  3. When this join url opened by registrant, Zoom App doesn’t set their name in the app (in case of fresh Zoom app installation it will also ask user to enter their name).

The video I attached above demonstrates this: Zoom uses my name (aleksandr.fofanov) in the app, but should use ‘Test User’ instead (as written in python script above).



I don’t experience the same behavior. I would double check what you are passing to the register endpoint. try dumping full request/response to debug


I’m unable to reproduce








And it still doesn’t work for me.

I noticed the difference in the urls that zoom generates for you and for me. Your urls have as the domain and my is just, not sure if it makes any difference.

Joshua, I sent you my credentials and host_id to your email. Could you please try with them?

The success subdomain is just our vanity url, someone in marketing picked success because looks weird. Ex. other companies have vanity urls like or - must none company accounts are just