Registration meeting api not working as expected

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What error are you getting? Can you make sure that:
1] You have a paid plan
2] registration is enabled for your meeting
3] you are passing the payload to add the registrant correctly

Hi @ojus.zoom all the information is in the original post, it is paid licensed enterprise edition registration is enabled tried both ways,

I have put all the information already on the oriignal thread which I added over there referencing @will in the thread not sure why you are not seeing that one @ojus.zoom ?

Here is the original thread @ojus.zoom Registration has not been enabled for this meeting - #38 by neil.rastogi

Hi @ojus.zoom

Can I have a response please, this is quite urgent for it to be resolved.


@neil.rastogi sorry for the delay here.

The error suggests that the registration has not been enabled for this meeting. You can also add registrants if the meeting has registration enabled.

Registration feature is only available for paid accounts