Remove toast messages for mute/unmute function on windows c# SDK

Hi Support Guys,

I want to remove that transparent message box which appears when we mute/unmute the mic. I removed that particular message from language.xml file but now the message is removed but I still see that blank message box(transparent layer at the center of the screen) when I mute/unmute the mic.


Please advice on how to fix this issue and totally remove that box instead of only message.

we have api to hide the all tooltips windows. if ok for you, you can call this api ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE.IMeetingConfiguration.EnableToolTipsShow(false)


Hi Dats & Wei,

This API for C# does not work and the tooltips still does show even after setting it to false.


could you give us a screenshot about which tool tip window you want to hide?

Hi Dats,

I want to hide the tooltip window which appears at the center of the screen when we mute the mic.


Please check this attached image. The center transparent image (right now it does not show any message inside as we removed that message from language.xml)


sorry, now we don’t support to hide this tip windows.  we will add this requirement to our backlog.