Renaming of released app

Hi Team!

If I publish my app with a particular name and later need to edit after releasing it. Will I have to go through the entire approval process to rename the app?

@catalina.diaz @virginie.zoom can one of you please provide guidance here for @tantin.purisima ? :slight_smile:


Thank you @gianni.zoom. I would like to follow up on this.

Hi @tantin.purisima I apologize for the late response. You can always submit an UPDATE request to make any changes to any metadata items or scopes. You won’t have to go through the entire review process again. Small changes in names, descriptions, or URLs typically don’t require more than a few days of review; however, most of the time they are accepted the same day. Even though it won’t take as long as the initial review, additional review may be necessary if the scope changes.


Thank you @catalina.diaz

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