Privacy Policy URL update

Hello, our app recently completed the security review. We need to update the privacy policy URL of our app - basically our privacy policy hosting has been changed to different domain. Do we still need to go through a review process for this URL update? No changes in the content or to the app in general.

Hi @nagalatha.desaraju , congrats on getting your app published!

You will need to resubmit the app to be updated but the review should be quick. You’d only need to go through security review again if you request changes to the app’s OAuth scopes.

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Hi @nagalatha.desaraju,

I second @michael.zoom’s explanation. If you are only updating the metadata of your application (such as the app description, name, images, categories, etc.) and not adding or removing any features, the Functional review team will review your changes without performing any functional tests. Additionally, you won’t need to undergo the Security review phase.

However, before submitting your update request, it’s important to explain in the release note to the reviewer what changes you are making. This will help us to quickly identify and review your changes. If everything looks good, including a valid privacy policy link that meets our requirements, we will approve your request promptly.