Renew App JWT Token Expiration Time doesn't stick?

My JWT App credentials have expired, can’t the Expiration Time and date be edited, then simply click though *Continue * until I get to “Your app is activated on the account”?

After I click through to this then go back to App credentials to previous date is still there.

(I tried to upload a png screen shot, but got “Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post”.)

Hi @mike.hutchinson ,

The default behavior of the JWT credentials reset within the “App Credentials” page. You should copy and paste your new token into the places where the JWT token will be used (i.e. Postman) before hitting continue. The token will be valid with the new expiration time where it’s posted :slight_smile:

thanks for reply.

Could you help me understand App credentials and which to use in my case?
In Zoom App credentials there are three elements that get created:

  1. API Key
  2. API Secret
  3. JWT Token

I am implementing this from within Excel Power Query.
Main M language function call is **Web.Contents **

M Language help on this

I am assuming I can use the API Key alone to Authenticate my Power Query. (see ApiKeyName in link above).
And that this API Key is not subject to Expiration as JWT Token does.

Does this seem correct?

Hi @mike.hutchinson ,

I see. So from the docs you shared, I do not know if this will work as intended because in the example 3 you’re referring to it says “Connect to a secure URL that accepts an authentication key as part of its query string”:

Our JWT process uses bearer authentication:

The token itself is what allows you access to make requests to the Zoom API. Without the token, I do not think you’ll receive the connection you’re expecting.

For custom Power Query connection, it seems like you’ll need to use OAuth which is supported from what I can see in their docs: Handling authentication for Power Query connectors - Power Query | Microsoft Docs

You can set up an OAuth app in the marketplace and use those app credentials in the “implementing an oauth flow” context.


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