Request a developer build of the Zoom iOS client

Hi, just wanted to know how to request a developer build of the Zoom iOS client (.ipa file). Is there any specific process for it? Couldn’t find the specific process for this anywhere in the docs so it’d be great if someone can redirect to the resources/guide about the process


Thank you for writing us and we are excited about your interest in the Zoom IOS client. I am happy to provide resources for your review. To confirm, when you say “Zoom IOS client”, are you referring to our Zoom IOS SDKs? If so, here are the links to our help documentation for reference:

Zoom Video SDK for iOS

Zoom Meeting iOS SDK

If this is not what are referring to, can you share more details about your use case? Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Hello, sorry for the misunderstanding I was actually referring to the developer build mentioned in the pre-requisites here:

Hi, @mubashira.salman.,

Thank you for the clarification – I am happy to help here. Can you share your email via private message? I will send over an initial private message so you can respond there.

Please check your private messages.

@donte.zoom Hello, we need to have access to the debug build mentioned here ( too. Also, I want to know if it’s needed some specific build to debug the android app.

I’m working to get the prerequisites set up on our end to send you a developer build. In the meantime, I went ahead and sent you a DM requesting some information.