Request body is not a valid JSON object

I am using a webhook with the event subscriptions
I am receiving the below JSON format which is not a Valid JSON Object


Request Body should be a valid JSON object.


Welcome to the Developer Forum – thank you for posting! As a start, can you share if you see the reported behavior consistently or intermittently? Also, is the behavior reproducible on a different server or network? For troubleshooting this, we recommend an app like RequestBin. RequestBin doesn’t try to interpret the payloads, it just prints them to your screen as it receives them, making it easy to see what is going on. Just click the Create a Request button on their homepage and copy the provided link. For example:

Now, change the webhook’s Endpoint URL to the new Requestbin URL (you must replace “HTTP” with “HTTPS”). Then, take the steps necessary to trigger the webhook once again (usually creating a record of some type). After you do that, simply refresh your Requestbin page and take a look.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


Thanks, @donte.zoom

issue is resolved

Glad to hear the reported behavior is now resolved, @singh.abhi17 ! If possible, please share the exact solution for other forum members. It will be a great help to members facing similar problems.


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