[request] Deauthorization Webhook in Dev Environment is never called

The deauthorization hook only gets triggered for production uninstalls and not dev uninstalls.

I uninstall my app under “Apps under development”, and no deauthorization event is sent to my backend in either my dev environment or production environment. Moreover, the zoom configuration interface only allows you to submit a deauthorization endpoint for the production app, and not the staging app.

Which App?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Install dev version of BuildBetter
  2. Uninstall ^
  3. no deauthorization event is sent, so our integration object remains intact.

If the dev environment is supposed to be a mirror of production, the functionality for deauthorizing the app should remain intact. This is frustrating and causing friction on our end for testing our app.

Hi @nikhil2 ,

Thank you for this helpful feedback! Can you please open a support ticket with your app credentials so we can investigate further?


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