Request permissions to record meeting using Zoom Web SDK

Meeting SDK Type and Version
The version we are using is 2.16.0

We have a private app that enables our meeting bot to join Zoom meetings as a guest and record the meeting. We are adding the changes regarding the policy on how Meeting SDK apps can operate. The problem is that mediaCapturePermission method on the web sdk is showing popup on the host only if they have enabled local recordings in their settings (which is not in our control) and it is not working for cloud recordings. What if they have enabled only cloud recordings, do we need to do something to meet the policy requirements in that particular case?

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Have you looked at the Meeting Bot accessing media rueles here:

Hey @svetli.novoselski I’m happy to help as well! We work extensively with the Zoom Web SDK for bots, and have definitely seen this situation before.

Local recording being enabled is a requirement for the bot to show the popup, as the bot uses the same permission request mechanism as regular users use to start a local recording.

Unfortunately, the bot is not able to trigger the popup even if cloud recording is enabled, as cloud recording is a separate system.

Our recommendation is to listen for errors emitted by the “ZoomMtg.mediaCapturePermission” function. If this function is called and the local recording functionality is disabled for the current Zoom meeting, an error will be raised and you can have the bot send a message in the chat explaining why it’s unable to record.

However in general, we don’t see too many Zoom users who disable local recording so this doesn’t happen to most bots.

Another alternative is which is an API for meeting bots. This means a simple API to send a bot to a call, and no need to run the infrastructure. powers bots for 150+ companies, and we’ve seen all of these edge cases before.

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