Reset User Settings

How does one reset a users setting

How does one reset a users setting? For example, I would like to reset a users authentication domains and have the setting inherit the authenticated domains from the group or account level. I am not looking to lock the users setting.

For reference i’m looking for this functionality equivalent within the Zoom portal, but in a callable API through the marketplace:

Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 3.01.41 PM


Hi @andrewb ,

This isn’t possible at this time, but this sounds like a good feature request!

Alternatively, I recommend editing the settings accordingly in the request body and saving the request so you can use the same settings to update other users.

Thanks Gianni. I could do that, however this causes problem at scale because then you would have to edit everyone’s domains any time you add one at the account or group level without locking.

Hi @andrewb , if you want the user to inherit the domain from the group level settings, could you please clarify why update a group's settings would not work for your needs? Thank you!

Hi Gianni - this approach is fine for a 10 person Zoom account, but does not scale for those past 100k accounts. We want to be in a position where we can just modify it at the account level and that’s it. Due to the accounts having those values modified, we can’t adjust anything without using the APIs to explicitly update everyone’s account. In our testing, the reset functionality I was inquiring about would fix this issue.

Hi @andrew, let me see if there’s something that would work better for an account of your scope. Please check your messages.