Resizing Web Meeting SDK Component View with shared screen

I have been working on Web Meeting SDK Component View for webinars and noticed that
when a participant share his screen, entire view resizes.
I have set the height 411px by ‘client.init’ function’s video viewSizes property
like this:

    debug: true,
    zoomAppRoot: meetingSDKElement,
    customize: {
        video: {
            isResizable: false,
            viewSizes: {
                default: {
                    width: 737,
                    height: 411

The view resize to the size I specified on load, but when a participant share his screen,
the view enlarges vertically and I do not know how to resize it to 411px programmatically.

Does anyone know if there is a JS function or property to resize the view with shared screen?


Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum – great question. In checking, there is a feature request for this already, but no ETA has been set. Please follow our changelog for the latest updates and fixes :

Also, while the Web Meeting SDK Component View does not support this feature currently, I can confirm you can change the share sharing setting via client settings. I’ve linked our support article below for your reference:

Changing settings in the desktop client/mobile app