Resizing Web Meeting SDK Component View with shared screen

I have been working on Web Meeting SDK Component View for webinars and noticed that
when a participant share his screen, entire view resizes.
I have set the height 411px by ‘client.init’ function’s video viewSizes property
like this:

    debug: true,
    zoomAppRoot: meetingSDKElement,
    customize: {
        video: {
            isResizable: false,
            viewSizes: {
                default: {
                    width: 737,
                    height: 411

The view resize to the size I specified on load, but when a participant share his screen,
the view enlarges vertically and I do not know how to resize it to 411px programmatically.

Does anyone know if there is a JS function or property to resize the view with shared screen?


Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum – great question. In checking, there is a feature request for this already, but no ETA has been set. Please follow our changelog for the latest updates and fixes :

Also, while the Web Meeting SDK Component View does not support this feature currently, I can confirm you can change the share sharing setting via client settings. I’ve linked our support article below for your reference:

Changing settings in the desktop client/mobile app

@donte.zoom Hi Donte, we are facing the same issue as this post, has this been solved do you think?

@donte.zoom We’re also facing this issue. Any updates on an ETA for this, please?

To provide some more details, in my case the way it behaves is this:

If the presenter has not yet shared their screen, and the web sdk user views the embedded player, then the presenter shares their screen while the embedded player is active, the player will display at the correct size given by viewSizes (as explained here: Meeting SDK - web - component view - Resizing)

However, if the presenter is already sharing their screen when the user arrives, the embedded player grows to a much taller size (3000px). At this point, if the player is resizable, and the user resizes it, it snaps back to a smaller size (though still not quite correct).