Zoom Meeting Web SDK Video Size

Customize Video Size:

I’m using Zoom Meeting SDK for Web following this but i can’t find a way to increase the size when video pops up.

Example Code:

        debug: true,
        zoomAppRoot: meetingSDKElement,
        language: 'en-US',
        customize: {
        meetingInfo: ['topic', 'host', 'participant', 'dc', 'enctype'],
        toolbar: {
            buttons: [
                text: 'Custom Button',
                className: 'CustomButton',
                onClick: () => {
                console.log('custom button');

If i understand correctly it must be customizable through the customize object although i cannot seem to find a documentation with the values i shall provide so i can customize the size.

Thanks in advance.

Bump, noone got an answer to this?

Hi @Stelikas ,

Thanks for your question. You can resize the video container, or canvas element the video is rendered onto, using the sizing objects ‘default’ and ‘ribbon’. The described process + a code snippet is included in this article. Please let me know if this proves helpful.


It’s possible to configure the embeddable web sdk component on initialisation with something like:

    debug: true,
    zoomAppRoot: node,
    language: 'en-US',
    customize: {
      video: {
        isResizable: false,
        viewSizes: {
          default: { width: node.clientWidth, height: node.clientHeight },
          ribbon: { width: node.clientWidth / 4, height: node.clientHeight },

What I don’t understand is how to:

  • Adjust the viewSize dynamically? For example, if a user resizes their window, how does one change the size of their view? It doesn’t appear that calling client.init() again mid-meeting should or will work
  • Adjust the size of the screenshare? The videoSize.default option doesn’t seem to affect the size of the shared screen view. Additionally, when a screen is shared, dragging to increase the size when video.isResizable is true has strange behaviour
  • Choose which view is shown by default. It seems the ribbon view is the default but I would prefer to start with gallery or speaker view. Is this possible?

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