Video resolution set or render using zoom-instant-sdk-1.O.2

Hi Zoom,

We thought using “zoom-instant-sdk-windows-1.0.2” and render video or set each user video resolution to 1080p…

System will be running on Windows 10…

I am in needing of sample code for rendering video and setting resolution…
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Basawaraj Bijjaragi

Hi @basawaraj.bijjaragi, thanks for the post.

Unfortunately we do not have any sample code available for this area of the Windows SDK yet, but here are some functions you may find useful:



Thank you for your prompt reply.

class CExampleRenderer :
public ZOOMINSTANTSDK::IZoomInstantSDKRawDataPipeDelegate

I’m able to CExampleRenderer::Subscribe on each user OnUserJoin.

And set resolution to 1080p in Subscribe method as described below:

ZOOMINSTANTSDK::ZoomInstantSDKResolution resolution = ZOOMINSTANTSDK::ZoomInstantSDKResolution_1080P;

// Get the video pipe for the user.
ZOOMINSTANTSDK::IZoomInstantSDKRawDataPipe* pPipe = NULL;
pPipe = pUser->GetVideoPipe();
if (!pPipe) return ZOOMINSTANTSDK::ZoomInstantSDKErrors_RAWDATA_NO_VIDEO_DATA;

// Call subscribe.
return pPipe->subscribe(resolution, this);

But why still I getting stream as 360P as below ? Please explain me.

uWidth = 640
uHeight = 360

CExampleRenderer::onRawDataFrameReceived(YUVRawDataI420* data_)

unsigned int uWidth = data_->GetStreamWidth();
unsigned int uHeight = data_->GetStreamHeight();

I want to render YUV format but I should get 1080p raw data frame right?
What I need to handle or implement to get 1080p?

Basawaraj Bijjarargi

Hi @basawaraj.bijjaragi,

Upon further investigation, I have found that there is a known issue with our back end that is causing HD video to default to disabled for all accounts. Unfortunately there is no workaround for this at the moment. We are working towards identifying a solution for this.


I have tried with ZoomInstantSDKResolution_720P too but receiving 640
*360 ie 360p…whether it will work for 720p?

Please provide me release notes link with known issue if it wont work…

ZOOMINSTANTSDK::ZoomInstantSDKResolution resolution = ZOOMINSTANTSDK::ZoomInstantSDKResolution_720P;

Hi @basawaraj.bijjaragi,

Since this is a back end issue, this will not require a new SDK release to fix. We will let you know as soon as we have any updates on this.



could you please share the instructions you followed to download zoom-instant-sdk-windows. I am not able to download it even after following the instructions found in

Hey @gpayyavula,

Do you have a video SDK developer account?


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