Resolving TypeScript Module Path Issues in @zoom/react-native-videosdk's package.json

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  • SDK Type: React Native Video SDK
  • Version: 1.9.5

I would like to report an issue with the package.json configuration in the @zoom/react-native-videosdk package. Specifically, there’s an issue with the module resolution paths in TypeScript, which are incorrectly pointing to non-existent directories.

The error encountered is a module resolution failure in TypeScript. The package.json lists paths such as lib/commonjs, lib/module, and lib/typescript for the main, module, and types fields respectively. However, these directories do not exist in the package, leading to module resolution errors.

Troubleshooting Routes

  • Checked the actual structure of the @zoom/react-native-videosdk package.
  • Found that the specified directories (lib/commonjs, lib/module, and lib/typescript) are not present.
  • Tested module resolution by updating the paths in package.json.

How To Reproduce

  1. Install the @zoom/react-native-videosdk package in a React Native project using TypeScript.
  2. Attempt to import and use the SDK.
  3. Encounter module resolution errors due to the incorrect paths specified in package.json.

The specific changes proposed are:

  • Update the package.json to point to the correct source directory for the main, module, and types fields. The proposed change is as follows:
"main": "src/index",
"module": "src/index",
"types": "src/index",

This issue is particularly crucial for TypeScript users, as it prevents the proper use of the SDK. By updating the paths in package.json , TypeScript integration can be significantly improved, facilitating smoother development experiences for a wider range of developers.