REST API access rights for Business plan


I am currently subscribed to Zoom One’s Pro plan.
I don’t have access to the REST API dashboard on the Pro plan.
What plan do I need to upgrade to in order to access the REST API dashboard?

The REST API specs say that the Business plan has access to the dashboard.


However, looking at the plan comparison chart, it appears that Business has the same privileges as Pro.

I’m assuming that the REST API documentation is not compatible with the recently changed plans.
Please let me know what is actually the case.

Hi @tatsuro_nakano ,

Our APIs mirror the operations that you can perform in our website. So for example if your plan (business +) gives you access to the dashboard in, then you should be able to call the corresponding API.


Hi @ojus.zoom ,

Which plan will give me access to the Dashboard operations of Zoom Meeting API

I want to access /metrics/meetings/{meetingId}/participants using the above API.
Should I choose the BUSSINESS PLUS plan to do that?

You need

  • Business, Education, Enterprise, or API Plan
  • Account owner or admin privileges

Thank you for your reply.

Now, Business Plus plan also is available.
Therefore, we can access the Dash Board with following plan?

Business, Business Plus, Education, Enterprise, or API Plan

In addition to the plan, the REST API rate limit is between Business and Business Plus, not between Pro and Business?
Is this understanding correct?

Hi @ojus.zoom,
Could you please reply regarding the above?

Hi @tatsuro_nakano
Thank you for your patience.
As my colleague mentioned in a previous post you need a Business account or higher to access our Dashboard endpoints.

Thank you for your reply.
I understand that access is possible with a business plan or higher.
I think I will choose Bisiness Plus considering the API rate and other factors.

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