REST API usage in Basic plan

I use Basic plan and MeetingSDK.
I need to use the REST API to get the ZAK and so on.
However, according to the plan information it is stated that the basic plan cannot use the REST API.

I referred to a related forum, but I couldn’t decide whether it’s okay to use the REST API with the basic plan.

Can I use the REST API on the Basic Plan?

The API I’m currently thinking about using is the following, and there are no any prerequisites for the endpoint.

If REST API is available, what is the rate limit?

Hi @akio

If you are only going to use those 3 endpoints that you have shared, you can indeed do it with a basic plan

If you look closely into the Docs, those endpoints do not have any Prerequisite, which means you can access them with a basic plan.

For example, the Create a User endpoint shows the Prerequisite: * A Pro or higher plan.

That being said, there are some endpoints that you will able to access but not all of them.

Hope this helps,