Rest API for joining a meeting


I’m trying to write code (python) that will call an API to
(a) join a zoom session [the link to the meeting is provided]
(b) open the zoom window on the desktop. 


I’ve seem APIs for setting up a meeting, registering to a meeting etc, but not for joining one. Help…?

HI Elisha,

You wouldn’t join a meeting via the API, you join by visiting the URL. Depending on which platform the user is on, it would be handled by the OS, detecting what to open.

Not sure how your app is implemented, however if from a browser you could redirect the user to the join url (sample in PHP)




Thanks, Joshua. My issue with using the url is that it opens a browser window, and I want to open the app. My current way of working is by using the zoom SDK to configure the client, but that will be alot of maintenance over time.



Hi Elisha, 

I think the issue for you is to define a URL SCHEME for your custom application, so once the meeting link is clicked, it knows to open the application. Also, your web backend need to support this URL scheme. Defining URL SCHEME is different for different platforms, please do some researches on how to define URL SCHEME.