Reported Problems with joining an API created meeting

We create meetings with the REST API and send hosts through the start_url that we receive there. This largely works. However, occasionally some users will get some surprising behavior.

This is one such incidence:

“I was sitting with XXX. It was asking him to log into Zoom and enter a meeting code rather than simply launching a meeting in the browser.”

I’m not sure why this would happen. I tried using the start_url from that meeting several hours after it was generated and I was able to start the meeting fine. It had not yet been joined. When the user originally was redirected to the start_url, it seems like the normal process was interrupted but I do not know why this was.

We normally do not deal with meeting codes or logging in at all. We create zoom users through the API and that all normally works fine. Then we create a meeting, redirect them and they normally just go straight into it without needing any codes or logins.

Hey @thand,

We are looking into this. In the meantime can you give us steps to reproduce this issue or any more details you have?