REST API to get offset values for a recorded Webinar

For any webinar that is completed, replay / recording gets available post this event. But as a feature, an Admin user can modify the playback and override the actual ‘start’ and ‘end’ of the webinar. That is, if the entire webinar recording was for 1 hr 30 minutes, but the actual content started from 00:25:00 minutes onwards and ended at 01:25:00, as an Admin user, i can set that.

This works perfectly fine with the playback URL that is returned by the API today, where the in-browser player overrides the values with these offsets.

I am looking to get these offset values which are set by the Admin on these recordings.

Went through the API documentation, but couldn’t find any that can provide me this information.
Is there any API that can help?

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Hi @amit.mathur, this is not currently provided through the API. Thanks for identifying this, I’ll add it as a feature request

Hi @michael.harrington Any update on this? Is this feature request has any ETA?