Webinars not returning all Recordings

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

We have 40 webinars, but when going to that end point it only returns 11 results.

There are no error messages returned.

Hi @marketing9
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Are you trying to get the recording or the webinars? It looks like you are only calling the List webinars endpoint

Hi Elisa,

We are trying to get recordings, but previously all recordings were coming through the webinars endpoint.

The weird thing is that some of the recordings are coming through the response, but not all. We’ve had this working for a couple of years, where making calls to the webinar endpoint, brought back all the recordings. Only recently did this issue arise.

For example webinar, with webinar id #82551752379, comes through the feed. If I go to recordings I see the recording there with the same id.

Hi @elisa.zoom I just talked to our marketing department and they are indeed, webinars, not recordings, They are all under the previous webinars section.

Hi @marketing9
If you are calling the endpoint List webinars, you wont be getting the list of the recordings.
To be able to grab the recordings, you will need to call the List all recordings endpoint.