REST API updates; Feb 25 release


We have updated our REST APIs with new features and updates for our users. The updates roll out on the 25th Feb. 2017 and are as follows:


  • Recurring Webinar details in Webinar Create/Update/Get/List/Registration List/Delete/Registration API call.

Previously, API calls for managing webinars did not take into account the recurring webinars. We’ve added recurring webinars in the list and this should now be reflected in the response. Also, recurring webinars with multiple registrations should now be listed.


  • Added “enable_auto_delete_cmr” and “auto_delete_cmr_days” to UserCreate/AutoCreate/CustCreate/Update API


We implemented a new feature whereby cloud recordings can be automatically erased after a user defined number of days.


  • Added “password” and “option_practice_session” to webinar create/update API

Webinars can be created or updated with a password, furthermore, practice sessions can now be enabled.



  • Added “v1/webinar/polls” API


API call to allow webinar polling reports.



  • Added “v1/webinar/questions” API


API call to allow webinar questions reports.


  • Added “enable_only_host_download_cmr” to Account Create/Update API.


The feature to set only host to be able to download the cloud recording can now be done through an API call.



  • Added “enable_same_account_access_cmr” to Account Create/Update API.


Accounts can now be configured through an API call allowing only users in the account to access its cloud recordings.



  • Added “enable_phone_participants_password” to UserCreate/AutoCreate/CustCreate/Update API


Requiring password for participants joining by phone can now be enabled through an API call.


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