REST API - /webinar/get request works but /webinar/list request does not

I’m having an issue where I can’t get a list of webinars through the REST API. With this request I get an empty webinars array:<API_KEY>&api_secret=<API_SECRET>&data_type=JSON&host_id=<HOST_ID>

But if I change the request to look for a specific webinar it works fine! I got the webinar id from the URL where I was editing the webinar:<API_KEY>&api_secret=<API_SECRET>&data_type=JSON&host_id=<HOST_ID>&id=<WEBINAR_ID>

I tried chatting with support about this but the agent said they don’t provide support for the REST API and directed me here.

I need to collect a list of upcoming webinars for our marketing site. Any help would be appreciated. 

Hi Emily,


Sen me an email ( with api key/secret/host id and I can take a look

It’s not obvious in the docs, and took me a minute to figure it out, however it appears there are two types of webinar list, those that require registration (, and those that don’t (


I’ll work on the docs to make that clearer.