List Webinars Doesn't Get all past webinars

I am using a JWT app to do a List Webinars call and I don’t think that all of the webinars are coming back for the particular user.

The webinar was created under one user, and an admin transferred the ownership of the webinar to himself. I did a List Webinars call for both of those users, and the webinar does not show up in either of the results.

I also did a Get Webinar to find the host ID for the webinar, just to double-check. The host ID was the admin’s, which as I mentioned above was the one I was using to get the List Webinars in the first place, and the webinar wasn’t showing.

Is it possible that due to the ownership change of the webinar, it’s not showing up in my API calls for some reason?

Perhaps my issue is broader than just that. My List Webinars call is returning 59 records for this user, but stops at a seemingly arbitrary point. I can see in the Zoom UI that this user has a number of webinars that have already happened in July, but the List Webinars call only shows records up until mid to late June. Currently I can see 13 meetings in the UI in that time period (June 22 to July 15) that aren’t coming back in my results from the API. Why might that be?

Hi @tnollac123,

Thanks for reaching out about this—It’s definitely possible the transfer could be causing issues. We’re happy to look into this further for you. Can you please share both request URLs you attempted with us at


hi @will.zoom thanks for the follow-up. just sent an email with that information


Thank you for sending in a ticket! We’ll follow up with you there.